NAMM Report 2015

As always I had a blast at NAMM 2015. I only was able attend Thursday and Friday due to some other work, I got to see so many friends and try some new stuff. Joe Morgan and Morgan amps had a booth this year and it seemed to be a smashing success. I love Joe and his amps so much!!!

Eminence as always was my hub and home at NAMM. I did some jamming with my buddy Tomo Fujita and hung out with the whole crew. We talked about doing a Josh Smith signature speaker this year!!!! Eminence truly is the best in the business and they continue to push themselves to be better every year. 

I spent a lot of time at Collings guitars. As everyone knows I love my Collings Soco 16LC. Its an incredible guitar and everyone at Collings is so great. I hope to do so many new great things with them. 

Catalinbread really seems to keep outdoing themselves. They introduced some amazing new stuff and Nicholas is a true friend. The new Flanger is absolutely incredible. I hope to do way more stuff with them in the near future. 

Also great to meet Yuki from free the tone. I am using their cables for everything these days. great stuff.

Had a great dinner/hang with Gary from Glassworks amps. If you don't know these amps you need to!

Kirk and I did some playing and hanging with so many friends. Great to see Mick Hayes, Jonathan and Marc at Oddfellow, The Rockett pedals gang, Dunlop, Matt Schofield, Nate, Greg Koch, Saul Koll, Dennis Fano, Bill Krinard, James at Voodoo Lab, Gene Baker, Ben at Xotic, Daniel from GigRig, Steve Trovato, Byron Small, Shane Henry, Al Carty, Mark Lettieri, David Henderson, Leon C, Dave Kelly, Jason Kui, Ron Thorn, Ian Anderson and many more. It was a ruling time!!!! Time to get ready for the Florida tour and Joe Bonamassa's Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea cruise!!!