Keeping The Blues Alive at Sea Recap!

So the Florida tour is over. It was a blast being home and seeing everyone. The Joe Bonamassa cruise was an amazing experience. Kirk and I had so much fun and were honored Joe asked us to perform. We played the first night at 11:30 and had a good crowd and a good show. The next night we hosted the Artist jam. It was a blast. JD Simo and Joe Bonamassa sat in and eveyone played with so much joy and respect for each other. Having Travis and Lemar on the boat with us was amazing. Love those guys.

The third night we had off and got to enjoy amazing music from SIMO, Robben Ford, John Hiatt and more. The 4th day/night was something special. We docked in the Bahama's in the morning and Travis, myself and our friend Mat got off the ship and explored. really fun and beautiful. We bumped into Robben Ford at Dunkin Donuts and I told him Kirk and I would love to have him sit in with us that evening. He said he would try.


We got back on the boat and got ready for our 6:30 show and low and behold Robben came down and said he wanted to play. It was a moment Kirk and I will never forget. I think Robben knew how much it would mean to us to sit in. Wow.

Immediately following our set, Joe was playing his final set on the boat. Joe asked me to sit in on a few tunes and it was such a blast playing with him and his band. On a side note, crazy seeing Reese Wynans playing while I was on stage. Amazing!!!

To finish the night a sat in with my new friend for life JD Simo and his amazing band Simo for a little Bobby Bland goodness. What a trip.


Now its off to Norway to play with my friends Iver, Per and Jon for a few weeks. So ruling!!!!!