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Our studio is located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. We have created high quality surroundings for our clients. A soundproof live room with a vocal booth that has a sound lock separating the live from the control room.

Flat V started as a personal creative haven. I needed a place to record all my own music and to do guitar sessions. It quickly turned into an amazing space capable of pulling off both my own and most people's recording needs. It's an 1100 sf professional recording studio designed to allow maximum flexibility and a relaxing atmosphere. There is a spacious live room complete with large iso booth. The room is tuned to have a great live feel and sound without taking off. The control room was designed for maximum fidelity and comfort. There is also a guest bedroom and bathroom for our out of town artists who need a place to stay. It's a very relaxed and comfortable place to be creative and get busy making music. I look forward to helping you realize your dreams musically be it producing, playing guitar or just as studio owner. Ruling,




Trident series 70 28x16



ATC Scm45a

Yamaha NS10


Monitor controller:

Slate control


Outboard gear:


Warm audio 4xAPI pre

4 vintage API pres 2x312 and 2x512

2 vintage Phillips germanium pres

Retro Channel strip

Warm Audio LA2A

Valley People dynamite stereo compressor

Echoplate 2 vintage plate reverb!

Heritage audio 500 series rack/summing mixer


Avid HDX card

Avid 192 24x24

Universal Audio Apollo 8p

Universal Audio Apollo 16

Panasonic AD8



16 core UAD power and full plug in suite



Apple Mac Pro trash can 8 core with 64 gigs of RAM



Telefunken AR51

2xPearlman TM2

AEA 84 ribbon

Royer 122

Mesanovic ribbon 

Mesanovic stereo ribbon

10 vintage Shure unidyne 57s

2 x sennheiser 421

Lauren SDC x 2 get




Groove Tubes 67

M Audio Sputnik

Ear Trumpet Angela

Cascade Fat Head

CAD 2xcondenser

AKG D112

Rupert Neve km84 style x 2

Various vintage dynamic mics



1969 Gretsch drum kit 24 inch kick

1950s leedy Ludwig kit

Various cymbals and snares

1952 Hammond C3 and Leslie 122 with pedals

1964 Vox Cambridge Reverb

1955 Fender Bassman

1959 Fender Harvard

1967 Selmer Treble and Bass

Two Rock custom TS1

Morgan amps JS40

Morgan amps AC40

Morgan amps PR12


Jackson El Guapo

Victory Amps V40

Echoplex EP4

Binson Echorec 2

Various pedals 

Various speaker cabs

Universal Audio OX box

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